Goodreads Introduces Kindle Ebook Giveaways Beta Program (U.S. market)

I find this article interesting. I’m not quite sure about the cost of $119 to list an e-book giveaway, when the print giveaway on Goodreads are free.

What are your thoughts?

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Remember, Keep on Writing…

Authors – Use Your Local Libraries for Marketing

Here the possibilities are endless. If you choose to get a Library of Congress number, which I strongly suggest, then you will have some amazing opportunities to get your book out to the public. You only need to contact them, I suggest stopping in and introducing yourself. Ask them if they would be interested in having your book or books in the library. I have never had anyone say no, they love local authors.

After the librarian read my book/s I was asked to be a part of a book signing/selling event with other local authors during a town festival, and then they asked me to give a talk on a subject of my choosing. It became a domino effect just because I reached out to them. So don’t be shy. You’d be surprised what opportunities develop from your library.

Another way to get your book out in libraries is to have a family member or a friend, who lives in another area or state, go to their local library and request your book/s. The library will in turn purchase your book wholesale, which is a sale for you, and then add it to their catalogue. It may seem like a small or impossible way to get a readership, but these small steps lead to bigger and better things.

Self-Editing/Rewrites – An Important Tool for any Author

You will find MANY articles, blogs, and self-help posts on the internet or in bookstores, regarding self-editing and rewrites. Everyone has their own way of doing this process, and quite frankly I think it should be left up to you, the writer, to discover what works best. Some wait until they are completely done to begin the editing, others do it while they write. Me personally, I edit as I write, and then again, and again, and again after I have completed the novel. The same holds true if you are writing a non-fiction article.

Some despise this process, while others love it. I happen to fully enjoy editing. It gives me comfort in knowing I’m making my story better, and it allows me to change my mind anytime I wish. Which is what writing is all about, right? That complete freedom to change, add, delete anything you want within your story.

I feel that editing is the most critical part of the writing process. There isn’t a magic number of times to re-read your story, but I was told to re-read my story until my mind squealed and then put it away for a week or two and come back and read it again…more